How To Play

Win Loads Of Cash

WinDeyGo rewards people who predict football matches posted on this website.

A football match is posted each day by the admin on the website.
Registered members are to post their prediction by commenting on the post.
Participants are awarded points based on the outcome of the match.

At the end of every month, the leaders are rewarded according to the prizes listed below.


One can register by filling the registration form on the registration menu. To register click here

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At the end of the month, the leaders will be rewarded according to the list below

Ist prize N5,000 (Cash or Airtime)
2nd prize N2,000 (Cash or Airtime)
3rd prize N1,000 (Cash or Airtime)
4th prize N500 (Airtime)
5th prize N500 (Airtime)
6th prize N200 (Airtime)
7th prize N200 (Airtime)
8th prize N200 (Airtime)
9th prize N200 (Airtime)
10th prize N200 (Airtime)

Ist prize Usd5-Usd10 (Airtime)
2nd prize Usd3-Usd5 (Airtime)
3rd prize Usd2-Usd5 (Airtime)
4th prize Usd1-Usd2 (Airtime)
5th prize Usd1-Usd2 (Airtime)

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