1. How do I register?
    ANS: One can register by sending filling the registration form under the registration menu . To register CLICK HERE
  2. Is registration free?
    ANS: Registration for now is free.
  3. What happens to my account if I don’t participate for months?
    ANS: Account of members who do not participate for a period of 3months might be closed.
  4. Where can I see the game of the day?
    ANS: To see the game for the day, click on the predict menu or click here
  5. What should I do if I can’t remember my login detail?
    ANS: Contact the admin.
  6. What do members get as reward for a correct prediction?
    ANS: Members stand the chance to win up to N5,000 or Usd10 (for non Nigerians) at the end of the month. To see the full prize list, click here.
  7. How many points do I get for a correct prediction?
    ANS: 20points
  8. Do I get any point if my prediction is wrong?
    ANS: Yes. The breakdown is stated below
    For participating – 4points
    Home correct score – 4points
    Away correct score – 4points
    Home win – 4points
    Away win – 4points
    Draw – 4points You also get points for account login.